About & FAQs

About Us

Cooking is my life and my passion, I spent several years after completing a B.A in finance working in the real world only to discover that my true passion lies with cooking, so I opened Junior Chef in Kuwait (JCK). then upon moving to San Diego, I studied culinary art and hospitality, I am certified with ServSafe.

Teaching is my first love and I would like to take the knowledge and experience that Junior Chef Kuwait had offered me in order to train and teach cooking classes at every level of experience to create great chefs of their own, learning from previous experience gave me the opportunity to apply my passion and skills in JCSD. young and old, novice and master, I believe there is a chef in all of us and I would like to help people discover the inner chef for themselves.

- Roqaia Alahmad


Our Mission

Our mission is to give all kids a chance to be creative, and at the same time learn how to be independent. They will cook in the kitchen as if they are playing a game, with the kitchen equipment being their tools and power.

In our cooking classes, they will express themselves in a creative manner while cooking then get to eat and enjoy their creation once they’re done.

Learn.cook.enjoy…..yes that is what they do, and that is our motto! Junior Chef San Diego offers cooking classes for children in a safe learning environment that encourages discovery and creativity.


Our classes are suitable for kids aged between 4 and 16 years old. We have classes for different age groups, this includes children between the ages of 4 and 6, 7 and 10, and 11 to 16.

Each class costs $65. We also offer 5 classes for only 300 dollars, which are redeemable on any day you want.

Signing up is easy! All you have to do is get in touch through email at juniorchefsd@gmail.com or book us through our website.

Yes. We provide all parents and children with a copy of the recipe so that they can easily make it at home!

If your child has a food allergy, you don’t have to worry. Our classes are safe as we provide food substitutions and recipes that allow for omissions, making it possible for us to accommodate their needs.

We want your child to have a memorable experience and will work hard to make it happen. In the case where your child has a severe allergy, we recommend contacting us directly to discuss the menu ahead of time. We require a 3-day notice in advance.

At Junior Chef SD, we provide all the child-friendly utensils, ingredients, and attire for the day. Attire includes a chef hat, an apron, and a folder. If you would like to, we suggest bringing in a labeled water bottle and a reusable bag to carry any of your extra cooked food home.

Please ensure your child wears closed-toe shoes to prevent any slipping. We ask all parents of children with long hair to tie their hair back. If your child has bangs, we recommend a hat or a headband. In addition, for attire, we recommend short sleeve tops.