4 Easy Cooking Recipes for Kids to Make

Kids often love to cook. For them, it’s a different kind of play and it’s a great opportunity to educate them on the important life...

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The Many Skills You Can Pick Up From Cooking Classes

Cooking skills are some of the most undervalued as you enter into adulthood. There’s an amazing sense of pride that comes along with knowing your...

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Why Group Cooking Classes are the Best Gift for the Little One in Your Life

While they might not understand why they should be excited about a cooking class at first, your little one will definitely understand why after their...

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Top 3 Kid-Focused Cookbooks for Your Little Chef

Is your child intrigued by the culinary world? Do you want to help them develop that skill? Maybe you want to share time with your...

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Why Hands-on Activities are Great for Children

In a world filled with new and innovative technologies trying to grab our attention every day, it’s difficult to know where to turn when trying...

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Perfecting a Classic Recipe–the Chocolate Chip Cookie

If there is one sweet treat that makes people happy without fail, it’s chocolate chip cookies. Even with all the happiness they bring, chocolate chip...

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Cooking Activities for Kids Junior Chef

3 Cooking Activities for Kids to Expand Their Imagination

Looking to help your child expand his or her imagination? If so, one must first understand that through the eyes of a child, the world...

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holiday recipes

Fun Holiday Recipe Ideas to Cook with Your Kids During the Winter Break

The best time of year is here. Tis the season to gather and spend time with family and friends. It is an occasion of celebration,...

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cooking basics

6 Cooking Basics and Kitchen Skills Your Child Should Learn

For all parents, seeing the kids leave off to college knowing they will not depend on fast food or starve due to lack of cooking...

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baking classes

7 Reasons why Baking Classes Are Perfect for Young Kids

If you ever felt that involving your children in culinary adventures is overwhelming, you’re not alone. The thought of managing spills, coordinating steps, and keeping...

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group cooking classes

3 Fun Recipes to Learn during Group Cooking Classes

Group cooking classes are an excellent setting for children to learn about food, science, and yes, even math. The curriculum, however, should never be so...

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children’s birthday parties

How to Plan Your Children’s Birthday Party with Junior Chef

Are you running out of ideas for your children’s birthday party? Do you want to make it unique but freak out at the thought of...

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adults in cooking class around table with chef

The Many Ways Adult Cooking Classes Encourage Happiness

Cooking is said to be a form of love. It is now also entering the realm of therapy techniques, found to promote mindfulness, and a...

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baking classes

3 Baking Classes and Lessons For Your Little Ones

Proficiency in the kitchen is one of those life skills everyone should possess. People do not necessarily have to be a Top Chef contestant, but...

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kid friendly recipes

4 Kid Friendly Recipes Your Child Will Love

Let’s be honest: it’s not always easy to get your kids excited about meals, and it’s certainly not always simple for you to prepare them...

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cooking classes Junior Chef SD

5 Engaging Aspects of Junior Chef SD Cooking Classes

  These days, ordering food from your local restaurant is as simple as hitting a button on your smartphone. Unfortunately, this amenity is creating people...

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two kids baking


We have classes every Monday for age (4-6 years ) Wednesday (7-10years) Thursday (11-16years)  Time: 4-7pm  They will learn two recipes, every class we will...

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