3 Things Your Child Will Love About a Cooking Class Birthday Party

What kid doesn’t love a birthday party, with candles to blow out, presents to open and plenty of treats and games to keep everyone happy? Surrounded by family and friends, a child will have a mountain of birthday memories going forward. Although most parents do the traditional cake, candy and a few games, there is one way to step up the birthday party tradition, have a cooking class birthday party. This unique twist on your child’s special day will prove to be extra special. Here are a few things your child will love about a cooking class party.


Creating is Cool!

Creating is innate in children. The desire and need to explore and shape one’s environment is necessary for a child’s development. While you see your child learning fine-motor skills from finger painting, block-building and the like, (s)he uses it as an expressive experience. The same holds for a cooking class birthday party. It provides the children with an opportunity to create a couple of recipes with their friends. Using their hands and a combination of ingredients to create delicious dishes is just downright cool to a child. 


Fun Rules 

What’s a children’s birthday party without lots of fun? The idea of playing with food for your special day would bring a smile to most children. Everybody likes to play with their food on occasion, right? Donning chef aprons and hats, your child, along with his or her friends, will take on the role of being real-life chefs. Although participating in cooking activities is often an adult-chore in one’s home, allowing children to step into that role offers them a sense of excitement and energy most adults would love to possess when cooking dinner every night.


Feeling Independent

Autonomy is a great lesson. While as a parent it may be challenging to watch your child become more independent as time goes on, your child thrives on the notion that (s)he does not need to depend on you for all tasks. A cooking class birthday party is no different. The birthday boy or girl and friends will prepare recipes without the reliance on the parents’ help. Your child will take pride and love the fact (s)he completed the recipes without your involvement. 


Delicious Food!

Of course, the ultimate joy in having a cooking class birthday party is eating what you make. Everyone knows it’s okay to indulge on one’s birthday, especially if you are a kid. However, there’s no need to waste money on an overwhelming number of store-bought items, when your child and friends will be whipping up some tasty edibles to share. 


Junior Chef San Diego

If you are interested in making your child’s special day amazing with a cooking class birthday party, please contact Junior Chef San Diego for further information. We specialize in cooking classes for children 4 to 16. And, because we don’t want to leave adults out of all the fun, we also offer cooking classes for those 17 and over.

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