3 Baking Classes and Lessons For Your Little Ones

Proficiency in the kitchen is one of those life skills everyone should possess. People do not necessarily have to be a Top Chef contestant, but they should at least understand recipes, basic cooking methods, and know their way around a kitchen. How young is too young to begin teaching your child kitchen skills? Instructing them at home is appropriate at any age you feel they are ready to help in the kitchen. Outside of the home, there are baking classes that are offered for children as young as three and four years old. Here are some baking classes and lessons perfect for your young ones.


Children 3-6 years old

This is the ideal age group to introduce your child to the kitchen. Since their attention span is relatively short, it is best to keep the tasks small. Children in this age group are perfect helpers. Allowing them to assist you with a range of functions, your child will bond with you and learn to be a valuable assistant. Some of the tasks that are ideal for this age group include:

  • Opening various mixes
  • Washing vegetables and fruits
  • Pouring the ingredients into a bowl
  • Stirring the batter when making baked goods recipes
  • Greasing pans
  • Crushing chips, cookies, etc. to be used as toppings
  • Gathering the ingredients
  • Setting the dinner table

baking classes


Children 7-11 years old

When it comes to baking classes for kids, this age group is ready for complex tasks over their younger counterparts. Learning some independence becomes quite essential. In addition to the tasks of the 3-6-year-old group, other skills your child will more than likely be eager to take on:

  • Reading recipes
  • Helping with the shopping list
  • Assisting with meal planning
  • Recognizing cooking tools and what they do
  • Cracking eggs into a bowl
  • Microwave use
  • Blunt knife usage
  • Accurately filling and leveling measuring cups or spoons


Children 12-16

Although you should still supervise this age group in the kitchen, they can take on more advanced tasks in baking or cooking classes. If your child has been in the kitchen and learning from an early age, he or she can utilize those skills and prepare meals. Along with earlier learned tasks, children in this group should become comfortable with the following:

  • Using proper knives
  • Using an oven and stovetop
  • Planning meals
  • Shopping for meals
  • Using electric appliances
  • Chopping ingredients


A Fun, Fulfilling Activity

Although these baking classes are broken down into specific age groups, they are to be considered guidelines. Since children progress at different ages and levels, as the parent, you should decide what is or is not appropriate for your child. Teaching and practicing kitchen safety and supervision is always recommended when children are in the kitchen.

With the surge in the culinary world, people from all age groups are captivated and excited with cooking and baking. Whether it be televised cooking challenges or in one’s home, the ability to prepare dishes brings about a sense of accomplishment and pride. In addition to learning culinary proficiencies, your child will discover social skills and responsibility that he or she can carry forward into adulthood. If you are interested in registering your child to participate, please research kids cooking classes near me for local offerings.


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