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6 Spooky Snack Ideas For Your Next Halloween Party

Foods served at Halloween parties should be just as festive as the costumes and decorations. With kids being a huge part of the Halloween celebration, you might be wondering what foods to create that will excite them, but are healthy and tasty as well. It’s easy to just draw for the everyday snacks and appetizers,…

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4 Easy Cooking Recipes for Kids to Make

Kids often love to cook. For them, it’s a different kind of play and it’s a great opportunity to educate them on the important life skill of knowing how to prepare a meal. Kids of all ages can learn how to cook, with different recipes being easier for some ages than others. Here are a…

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Perfecting a Classic Recipe–the Chocolate Chip Cookie

If there is one sweet treat that makes people happy without fail, it’s chocolate chip cookies. Even with all the happiness they bring, chocolate chip cookies are also arguably the cookie that sparks the most debate–everyone has their own opinion about which chocolate chip cookie recipe is the best. Some will stick to grandmas. Some…

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3 Fun Recipes to Learn during Group Cooking Classes

group cooking classes

Group cooking classes are an excellent setting for children to learn about food, science, and yes, even math. The curriculum, however, should never be so complex or overwhelming that they get no fun out of it. They are after all, in a group of kids in their age range, and natural need to play is…

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3 Baking Classes and Lessons For Your Little Ones

baking classes

Proficiency in the kitchen is one of those life skills everyone should possess. People do not necessarily have to be a Top Chef contestant, but they should at least understand recipes, basic cooking methods, and know their way around a kitchen. How young is too young to begin teaching your child kitchen skills? Instructing them…

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4 Kid Friendly Recipes Your Child Will Love

kid friendly recipes

Let’s be honest: it’s not always easy to get your kids excited about meals, and it’s certainly not always simple for you to prepare them yourself. From work to school to sports and playdates, finding time to sit down for a meal with your child can be difficult. Why not take the stress of cooking…

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