Fun Holiday Recipe Ideas to Cook with Your Kids During the Winter Break

The best time of year is here. Tis the season to gather and spend time with family and friends. It is an occasion of celebration, joy, and reflection. There is nothing better than sharing your love and time with others during the season, but of course, what are the holidays without great food. It is custom for many to gather in the kitchen and participate in preparing the seasonal feasts and treats. This time spent together is the perfect opportunity to share the holiday excitement with your kids in the kitchen. With fun holiday recipes, your children are sure to enjoy and take pride in their culinary creations.


A Gingerbread House

If your children attend baking classes for kids, they have likely learned the skills necessary for building a gingerbread house. Using traditional gingerbread holiday recipes as the foundation will help ensure your gingerbread house is one of stability and beauty. With endless decorating choices, your children can design and customize to their heart’s content. Building a gingerbread house as a family is an exceptional lesson in working together.


Christmas Cookies

A collection of holiday recipes is not complete without a few Christmas cookie recipes passed down through the generations. Even if you do not have heirloom cookie recipes, there are plenty of internet sites with classics. Looking to help your kids gain the knowledge of cookie baking? Baking classes can teach your children the techniques necessary for baking cookies that will surely please any holiday guests.


Holiday Fudge

holiday recipes

Looking for a recipe a bit more challenging? Cooking up a batch of holiday fudge is the perfect holiday indulgence. Because conventional holiday recipes for candy include cooking corn syrup we recommend a parent be responsible for that portion of the directions. Other than boiling the sugar mixture, fudge is a reasonably simple recipe your children can participate in making.


Other Sweet Treats

In addition to time-honored gingerbread houses, fudge and decorated Christmas cookies, other sweet treats that you and your children can make together include Rice Krispie treats, which can be molded into many fun and unique shapes, candy bark, puppy chow, and cookies in a jar (which require no baking or cooking at all).


Beyond Desserts

Most guests are more than willing to make room for some savory dishes as well, so why not offer up some breakfast delights that will have them asking for seconds. Holiday recipes for breakfast or brunch often combine sausage with eggs and potatoes to create a casserole or serve pancakes sprinkled with berries or chocolate chips. For later meals, one could cook up a holiday shaped pizza or quesadillas using leftover turkey.  

Spending time with your children making these goodies will become a cherished tradition. If you have a child that is enthusiastic about baking or cooking, there is no better time than the holidays to give your child the gift of kids cooking classes. They will provide your child with kitchen skills and help build the confidence one needs in the kitchen. Would you prefer your child learn in a group setting? Junior Chef of San Diego offers group cooking classes for kids up to the age of 16 and adult cooking classes as well.

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