4 Kid Friendly Recipes Your Child Will Love

Let’s be honest: it’s not always easy to get your kids excited about meals, and it’s certainly not always simple for you to prepare them yourself. From work to school to sports and playdates, finding time to sit down for a meal with your child can be difficult. Why not take the stress of cooking and the difficulty of getting them excited about dinner time and replace them with a fun bonding experience? Junior Chef SD has the kid-friendly recipes that will have your kids cleaning their plates.

Junior Chef SD puts kids at the helm of the preparations. Our kid cooking classes provide a unique opportunity for your child to see what goes into making their favorites foods and helps them gain confidence in themselves and respect for the creative joy that comes from making a meal. These are skills they can carry through life and that you can partake in together.


Dinner Made Easy with These Kid-Friendly Recipes

Dinner time can be stressful. From picky eaters to being pressed for time, it’s hard to make everyone happy. These kid-friendly recipes are not only delicious, but they are also simple enough to allow your child to participate in the preparation and cooking process! Cooking together can help their tactile skills, boost their confidence, and help you both with stress relief. Recap the day together while mixing, chopping, and prepping your delicious dinner.


1. Flavor-Packed Chicken Nuggets

These Herbed Chicken Nuggets will have your family jumping for joy and coming back for seconds. Taking only 40 minutes from start to finish, this recipe calls for simple dry ingredients and plenty of motor development opportunities. Beating the eggs and water and dropping in the chicken will allow the kids to practice precise movements and patience. Coating the chicken in the dry ingredients will enable them to shake things up a bit as they put their carefully-egg-dipped chicken in the ziplock bag of dry ingredients. Prep will only take 20 minutes and then into the oven they go! Turn on the oven light to let them watch the baking process, and by the time they’re taking their first bite, they’ll be beaming with pride at what they’ve accomplished.


2. Creamy Mac an Cheese

This delicious stovetop Mac and Cheese is the perfect kid-friendly recipe that will have them looking forward to eating at home! Forget their favorite restaurant mac and cheese; this one will appeal to both their taste buds and their tactile senses. With a total cooking time of  24 minutes, this recipe will allow your child to watch the process of boiling water and the fantastic science behind getting noodles perfectly soft. The transformation as shredded cheese becomes beautiful liquid gold will have them excited to stir the pot and add in their favorite seasonings.

When your child cooks kid-friendly recipes at home or in our classes, they get the chance to make something from scratch from start to finish. Even better, they get to taste the product of their hard work and take it home or to school the next day—if there is any left, of course!

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Desserts to Excite Young Minds

There’s no doubt kids love dessert. Why not let them have a hand in creating their favorite desserts or, even better, try some new kid-friendly dessert recipes together?


3. Yummy Banana Fritters

These Banana Fritters are an excellent way to integrate fruit while also making something delicious and nutritional. Gently covered in powdered sugar, these warm and puffy treats are a sight to behold and only take fifteen minutes to make from start to finish. From gently stirring the chopped bananas with milk to sifting dry ingredients, the kids will get to exercise their mobile skills while watching their bananas transform. In the end, they can sprinkle their powdered sugar on top and taste the product of their hard work.


4. Chocolate Brownies

Brownies are always a hit with any child. This recipe is easy enough for the kids to make with supervision and is delicious to enjoy, too. From melting the chocolate down in the microwave to adding their eggs and dry ingredients, kids will be able to practice tactile skills and mindfulness by counting out eggs and measuring flour. By the end of their baking time, they will have difficulty waiting for their dessert to cool down before digging in!

Cooking these kid-friendly recipes will help your children develop skills they’ll carry through the rest of their lives while allowing you to share in the individual bonded activity of making their favorite meals and treats. Contact us today, and we’ll get your kid chef cooking in no time!

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