Six Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking and Baking With Kids

Six Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking and Baking With Kids

If cooking is your passion and you want your kids to learn as well, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Junior Chef San Diego, we are passionate about teaching kids regarding cooking. We believe in teaching the small ones while they are young so they can develop their skills and at the same time, learn a lot of things while having fun. If you want to know more information, in this article, we will be discussing the six mistakes to avoid when cooking and baking with kids in the kitchen. Keep reading below to find out!

Cooking with kids is a fun and exciting experience. Yes, mistakes can happen and you must make sure to read the six mistakes below so you can avoid them while cooking and baking with your little ones.

1. Letting the kids run around the kitchen – You know the kitchen has a lot of things going on. If you have smaller kids, you can place them on a booster seat so they can stay in a safe place and out of reach of harmful things like boiling water, fires on the stove, sharp objects like knives, etc. You can also let them play with small cups or a small bowl so they can stay busy.

If you have older kids, you can give them age-appropriate tasks. They can get the vegetables and help wash them, hand you the measuring cups, get the cover for the pot, or grab the sugar, salt or flour. If you have school-age children they can help get the recipe books, write the ingredients on the paper, or help plan meals.

Letting the kids run around the kitchen

2. Using the appliances incorrectly – Do not just allow the kids to use the kitchen appliances without your supervision. You must guide the kids with how to properly use the kitchen appliances such as electric beaters, blenders, food processors, etc. You can avoid accidents and injuries as well as messes that can take a lot of effort to clean up.

3. Expecting that cooking is not messy – When cooking with kids, you must expect that it will be messy. Don’t fret, just stay calm and use this opportunity as a great way for you to teach your kids that they need to be responsible and clean up after themselves.

You can teach them to clean up after spills and wipe up leftover crumbs. You can delegate assignments to your kids such as sweeping the floor, wiping the countertop, washing the dishes, etc. You must supervise them so you can teach them how to do it properly.

4. Forgetting to read the recipe – When cooking or baking with kids, it can be a bit overwhelming. Before you do anything else, you must read the recipe so you can prepare all the ingredients. There are instances that you forget to prepare the main ingredient for a recipe. You must teach your kids that before starting anything, you must read the whole recipe first. You can avoid the problem of forgetting an important ingredient, like needing to thaw the chicken or soften the butter for the cake recipe, etc. This way you can teach your kids how to properly manage their time when cooking or baking.

5. Not measuring ingredients properly – When cooking or baking, you must remember to measure the ingredients properly. Remember to read the ingredient list carefully and properly and use measuring cups. Use liquid measuring cups for liquid ingredients, while dry measuring cups are for dry ingredients only. If you don’t measure the ingredients correctly, this can alter the results and you can get crumbly or dry cookies, flat cakes, etc.

Not cleaning the kitchen after

6. Not cleaning the kitchen after – When cooking or baking with kids, you can expect that it can cause double the mess, especially if you are not being careful about it. Remember to clean up after using different ingredients like keeping the ingredients in the cupboard, washing the dishes, and in this way, you can also teach them how to clean up after cooking.

Let them wash small dishes, and wipe down the table and countertop. A messy kitchen can result in accidents or injuries, especially when there are leftover puddles of water on the kitchen floor which can cause someone to slip and injure themselves.

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