The Many Skills You Can Pick Up From Cooking Classes

Cooking skills are some of the most undervalued as you enter into adulthood. There’s an amazing sense of pride that comes along with knowing your way around a kitchen, or being able to prepare a delicious meal for your friends and family. Many people think you can just “pick-up” cooking in your free time, but it’s actually a lot more labor intensive than that.  These skills take years for some people to adopt, however, there is another option for you. Taking a cooking class with a professional can teach you a variety of skills in just a few sessions. See our full list below:



Measuring Skills

This isn’t just pouring milk or flour into a measuring cup and dropping it into your dish, no, this is being able to “eyeball” your measurements to make your cooking time a lot faster, cleaner, and customized to your taste. For instance, if a recipe calls for a half cup of olive oil, it’s going to save you a lot of time both measuring and cleaning to simply eyeball the amount rather than using a measuring cup.


Knife Skills

This set of skills is especially important. It can affect your safety, portioning, and aesthetic of your dishes. Every type of food and ingredient you use in your dishes takes a different method. For instance, dicing an onion and chopping a bell pepper are two of a seemingly endless collection of cutting methods. There are also other cutting methods you could learn in a cooking class: Large Dice, Brunoise, The Baton, and Julienne.




Classes are an excellent way to learn about different spices and how they are incorporated into cooking. Traditionally, the spices that people use and the ingredients they cook with are native to their country, but with the explosion of trade over the last century, that is no longer the case. Nowadays, people cook with a variety of spices from all over the world, in a fashion that the culinary world calls “fusion”.

No-Recipe Cooking

In some advanced classes, students can learn how to make dishes without even looking at a recipe. To do this, the students need to be masters of all of the skills mentioned above.


Your typical dish is comprised of an entree and two sides. In order to make an entire dish like this without a recipe, you need to know which side dishes complement which entrees. Considering there are hundreds, if not thousands, of combinations of dishes, it could take years of practice before a student can get to this level. However, if this is a level of expertise that someone would like to achieve, they should know that it is absolutely made possible through a cooking class.


Junior Chef San Diego

Junior Chef San Diego is a cooking class studio for both children and adults based out of San Diego, CA. If you or your little one is interested in learning cooking skills and having fun, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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