Top 3 Kid-Focused Cookbooks for Your Little Chef

Is your child intrigued by the culinary world? Do you want to help them develop that skill? Maybe you want to share time with your little ones while preparing meals? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it might be a good idea to purchase a few kids cookbooks to help them further develop this interest and life skill. Let’s take a look at three top-rated children’s cookbooks to help get their culinary journey started.


Cooking Class: 57 Fun Recipes Kids Will Love to Make (and Eat!)

This bright and colorful cookbook will have your children preparing a meal at a pace and in a way that holds their attention. The first chapter focuses on explaining kitchen rules, cooking terminology (with definitions), concepts of organizing one’s ingredients, and measurements.

The subsequent chapters are divided into individual categories–breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, veggies, and desserts. The author breaks down the individual recipes by difficulty with a rating of spoons. Those levels are as follows:

  1. One spoon indicates a child can prepare the dish without needing to use knives or a stove.
  2. Two spoons requires more kitchen confidence and skills, including chopping and dicing. Adult supervision/assistance is recommended for these.
  3. Three spoons involves stove and knife skills. Adult supervision/assistance is also recommended for this level.

Recipes range from fresh squeezed orange juice to guacamole to bow tie pasta. As one of the top-rated kids cookbooks, you are sure to find plenty of dishes that will appeal to your young chef.


The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs

Another popular choice for culinary proteges is The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs. This book is loaded with information, including measurement conversions and tips on specific dishes. It is not as heavily-illustrated as Cooking Class, but does a thorough job of explaining each step within the recipes.

To illustrate a recipe’s difficulty, the author uses muffin images in the same way that Cooking Class uses spoons. The ratings also include illustrations of a knife, pan, and stove to represent the skills needed. Recipes vary from french toast for breakfast to crispy veggie burgers for supper. The final section of the book focuses on the nutritional values, including the calorie, fat, carb, salt, and sugar quantities of every recipe. With America’s Test Kitchen as the author, this book is a must-have for any aspiring culinary wizard.


Complete Children’s Cookbook: Delicious Step-by-Step Recipes for Young Cooks

This highly-regarded recipe book would be the perfect addition to your child’s collection of cookbooks. It includes 150 recipes that range from rainbow salad to vegetable lasagna. With step-by-step instructions, the author makes it clear what safe kitchen practices are necessary while teaching food preparation skills to your child. The range of flavor combinations in the recipes and the full-color photos ensure this cookbook is a hit for adult and child chefs alike.


Combining Cookbooks and Culinary Classes

Combining the kid-friendly recipes from these cookbooks and those offered in culinary classes at Junior Chef SD will strengthen your child’s culinary skills and widen his/her scope when it comes to recipes.

Group cooking classes allow children to express their culinary creativity while teaming up with peers–strengthening their teamwork, social, and cooking abilities all at the same time. Encouraging your child with such a positive environment and helping them learn about yummy recipes will help them develop culinary confidence and expound upon their skills so that your kitchen will become even sweeter.

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