Why Group Cooking Classes are the Best Gift for the Little One in Your Life

While they might not understand why they should be excited about a cooking class at first, your little one will definitely understand why after their first class with you. As soon as they start to get their hands dirty making cupcakes or their favorite pizza, their confusion will immediately subside. Cooking classes are a great place for independent kids when like to do things on their own, or kids who love to get their hands dirty (literally, not metaphorically). Also, they walk away with skills they can take everywhere in life! See the full list of reasons below why a cooking class is the best gift for your little one.


They’ll Get to Flex Their Creative Muscles

Much like drawing, painting, or any other hands-on activity, cooking will give your little one the opportunity to use their creative side. Sure, you could find recipes and follow them to make great traditional food, but when your child starts to get the hang of seasonings and other ingredient’s uses, they will be able to put their own creative spin on their dishes.

Creative activities have been connected to causing happiness by many psychologists because of their effects on the brain. For many individuals, creative activities have been known to increase levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain, causing spikes of happiness and euphoria. That said, cooking and other creative activities can be a great gift to your kids because they will not only have fun, their mental health can benefit as well.       


They’ll Pick Up Life-Long Skills

Another benefit of cooking classes, beyond the obvious enjoyment, are the life-long skills your child will pick up during their duration. Consider the measurements that many recipes utilize. When cooking, children can quickly learn the difference between and a tablespoon and a teaspoon; a solid ounce and a liquid ounce; a liter and a pint. Furthermore, they will learn how adding a certain element to a given mixture can change the mixture’s composition. For instance,  adding a tablespoon of salt rather than a teaspoon can severely alter the flavor of a dish.

Next, consider the utensil skills your child will be able to acquire. Many people never get around to picking up legitimate knife skills; when your child learns these skills at a young age, they will not only know how to use a knife properly, they will know how to safely handle one.



They’ll Be Able to Make New Friends

Much like many of their other extracurricular activities, a cooking class will give your little one the opportunity to meet new friends who have similar interests to them. Especially while doing something like cooking, your kid will be able to bond with their new friends over a newfound fun hobby. Not to mention you, as their parent, will be able to have face time with your child’s new friend’s parents, as many children’s cooking classes are parent-inclusive.


Junior Chef San Diego

Junior Chef San Diego is a San Diego cooking studio that holds a variety of children and adult cooking classes. If you are interested in one of our classes or wish to inquire for more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.    

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