Why Hands-on Activities are Great for Children

In a world filled with new and innovative technologies trying to grab our attention every day, it’s difficult to know where to turn when trying to get our kids away from screens. Luckily, all hope is not lost. In this article, we’ll discuss several activities that will not only get your kids away from screen time, but will also help them further their cognitive development and gain life skills. 



Kids are great explorers because they are always curious about their environment. It is through this curiosity that a child develops a sense of self and figures out his or her place in the world. This engagement with one’s surroundings is crucial to a child’s well-being.

The benefits of painting include:

  • Developing and strengthening fine motor skills
  • A fun tactile experience
  • Stimulating a child’s senses, including taste if you use edible finger paints
  • Developing a healthy coping mechanism for stress and anxiety
  • Encourages cognitive development

Start with finger painting when your child is in the infant and toddler stages. Beyond preschool years, continue to expound upon painting skills in order to help your children improve both concentration and hand-eye coordination as they get older. Painting is also an effective way of expressing creativity and increasing self-esteem. When they see that they’ve created something, they gain a sense of healthy accomplishment that helps them see how valuable they are as an individual.


Drawing and Doodles

Even as adults, many find it comforting to take pen to paper and scribble or doodle whatever they please. The same holds for children. By actively engaging one’s brain through drawing, children develop concentration and improve their focus. There are also physical benefits to drawing, such as greater dexterity and advanced fine motor skills.

As with painting, the focus of drawing should not be on a perfected project, but the fun of the process itself. Regardless of the drawing tool, encouraging your little one to sketch allows him or her the freedom of expression and the opportunity to develop creativity and expression.


Puzzles and Development

A child’s brain development is shaped substantially when s/he acts on or manipulates the world around him or her. Experts believe puzzles offer such an opportunity for a child. In changing the shape and appearance of their environment by doing puzzles, children improve hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and memory.



Cooking activities for kids likewise facilitate improved fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and concentration. Cooking also allows children to express themselves via their culinary creations. Offering your children numerous opportunities to hone in on these skills of creating something will enrich their childhood experiences and help them develop lifelong skills of self-reliance, confidence, and creativity.


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