Why You Should Take a Cooking Class When Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad presents many wonderful opportunities to learn about other cultures, make friends, and bring back precious memories. A cooking class is a perfect way to enhance those experiences, all while making yourself a delicious meal. Many countries offer classes for all levels and ages of learners, which means you’ll be able to find the best course to accommodate your interests and abilities. Learning how to make a delicious, unique meal in a fun, mellow atmosphere is sure to be the highlight of your entire trip abroad. 


Learn About the Culture

There’s no better way to immerse yourself in a culture than to experience its cuisine. A region’s food tells a rich history of the area, from the agriculture to the language, and you’re likely to learn those stories through the process of cooking. You can certainly find authentic food while traveling abroad, but when you take a course, you might be taken to local markets and shown insider information about the culture in the process of preparing your traditional dish. These markets give you an authentic perspective of the local’s daily life, the ingredients they use, and the freshest produce available. This type of immersion also gives you the chance to work on your speaking and reading abilities if you’re trying to learn a new language or hone in your foreign language skills. 



Meet Other Travelers

Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group, international adventures can become a little isolating, especially if you’re visiting a country that does not speak your native language. 

Cooking classes offer visitors an opportunity to meet other travelers with similar interests. Chatting is a natural part of cooking with a group and speaking in a familiar language can be a much-needed break from constantly trying to translate signs and ask for directions. You’ll get to make friends, share your stories, and make lifelong connections through your shared experience. 


Gain Kitchen Skills

In addition to teaching you how to make a local favorite meal, your instructor will be able to offer valuable insight and tips when it comes to effective, efficient cooking. From how to prepare an unfamiliar fish to how to select the best produce at the grocery store, your teachers are the experts. Take advantage of their knowledge by asking plenty of questions and soaking up the information to implement those skills from the cooking class later where you’re back in your own kitchen at home. 


Leave With a Great Souvenir 

While a T-shirt or mug is a great memento of a trip, nothing beats a souvenir like knowledge and experience that can be used again and again. Unlike trinkets, which might just sit on your bookshelf, a foreign cooking class gives you the recipes and the know-how to recreate a meal over and over again. Nothing transports a person quite like food, and with the knowledge you’ll gain in a cooking class, you can share that experience with other people for years to come. 

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