Junior Chef San Diego Summer Camp 2019!!

The team here at Junior Chef San Diego is pleased to announce our first annual Summer Camp! Our goal is to teach our campers a variety of cooking skills and recipes to take home with them, all while making new friends and building memories that will last a lifetime.

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Weekly Agenda

Monday: Grocery Shopping Day 

On Mondays, we will be teaching the campers how to shop in a grocery store, and providing the experience of cooking with ingredients that they picked out themselves. Knowing how to choose organic fruits and vegetables is a valuable skill to have, not to mention knowing how to incorporate these ingredients into a variety of dishes.

Tuesday: Art Day

Tuesdays will be dedicated to art and culture. The campers will begin by making two recipes from scratch, each week focusing on another country's cuisine – Italian, Chinese, Moroccan, French, American. While cooking, we'll discuss some history and the different spices that are present in the respective cuisine. Finally, we will do an art project associated with that country's culture; i.e. painting, pottery, drawing.

Wednesday: Game Day

We will begin Wednesdays by making two recipes from scratch (cooking and baking) and fresh lemonade. Following the cooking activities, the campers will be doing fun summer-type water games – water balloon toss, water balloon relay race, etc.. Make sure to bring an additional set of clothes to change into afterward.

Thursday: Barbecue Day

We've designated Thursdays as Barbeque Day. To celebrate this staple of American culture, the campers will make two different recipes from scratch; the first being Barbecued, and the second being flavored ice cream. We will then follow-up the cooking with summer pool activities, and enjoy the food we made together. 

Friday: Picnic Day

On Fridays, the campers will make two picnic recipes from scratch (cooking and baking). Next, they will learn how to prepare a picnic basket for their lunch and set up our whole picnic area together. this day is especially fun for the campers as they get to explore and play games in nature at our on-site horse corral and grass field.

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